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Dataset Info

Studies available: 542

Type of sample: adults from national, state, city or special samples

Dataset Topic Highlights

Communication and media habits

Conflicts: Gulf War, Vietnam War

Drug traffic: illegal drug usage and legalization of drugs

Economics: business, crisis, Cruzado economic plan, debt, devaluation, economic growth, economic situation, inflation, investment, privatization, reforms, savings and taxes

Elections: candidates, plebiscites, political parties, presidential elections, state elections and voting intentions

Foreign affairs: communism and relations with other countries

Government: Congress, democracy, government approval, constitution, military government, presidential approval

Public health: AIDS

Trade agreements: Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA), International Coffee Agreement Pact, Southern Common Market (Mercosur), Brazilian-Paraguayan agreement

iPoll Questions

American attitudes regarding issues related to Brazil

Datasets by Decade

1960s – 111

1970s – 82

1980s – 210

1990s – 123

2000s – 8

2010s – 8

Datasets by Survey Organization