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Dataset Info

Studies available: 366

Type of sample: adults from national, state, city or special sample

Dataset Topic Highlights

Conflicts: armed conflicts in Nicaragua and El Salvador, Gulf War, nuclear attack and political violence

Corruption: bribery

Drug traffic: illegal drug usage and legalization

Economics: business, crisis, decentralization, debt, devaluation, employment, growth, inflation, policies, privatization, reforms, savings and investment

Elections: campaigns, candidates, fraud, electoral reforms, electoral system, interest in elections, political parties, presidential elections, state elections, voting intentions, voting registration and federal electoral institution

Environment: environmental policy and pollution

Family: planning, marriage and abortion

Foreign affairs: foreign policy and relations with other countries

Government: Congress, democracy, local government, most important problem in the country, nationalization, presidential approval, state of the union, approval, trust in the government and institutions and democracy

Immigration: border, laws, MICA card, Proposition 187, relatives in the U.S., undocumented workers

Political culture: interest in politics, political participation, and satisfaction with democracy

Social policy: Solidarity National Program

Trade agreements: North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)

iPoll Questions

American attitudes regarding issues related to Mexico

Datasets by Decade

1950s – 2
1960s – 5
1970s – 7
1980s – 44
1990s – 283
2000s – 13

Datasets by Survey Organization