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Hong Kong University Public Opinion Programme

The Public Opinion Programme (POP) at the University of  Hong Kong was established in June 1991 to collect and study public opinion on topics which could be of interest to academics, journalists, policy-makers, and the general public. Since its establishment, POP has been providing quality survey services to a wide range of public and private organizations. Up to this date, POP has conducted more than 1,500 independent surveys and other kinds of research, almost all of which are funded by outside sources. POP’s project partners include government departments, public organizations, non-government organizations, professional bodies, political groups, leading commercial firms, small and medium enterprises, local and overseas media organizations, overseas universities, as well as international associations. Surveys have been conducted on a broad range of topics. In addition to commissioned projects, POP has self-funded a pool of almost 200 tracking questions which are repeated periodically. These questions relate to a spectrum of social issues in Hong Kong, and many have been asked for over 24 years.

HKU POP is now a Roper Center data provider.

HKU POP has been conducting quality research on all aspects of life in Hong Kong for over a quarter-century. The Roper Center is proud to announce that this important body of work will be made available to our research community.

The first datasets have been added to the collection and are listed below. These will be followed soon by additional polls from the election tracking series and the ethnic identity project. Historical and recent polls from other HKUPOP projects will be added over the coming year.

Dataset Collection

Date Ranges: