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JUST Capital

The mission of JUST Capital is to build an economy that works for all Americans by helping companies improve how they serve all their stakeholders – workers, customers, communities, the environment, and shareholders.

They believe that business and markets can and must be a greater force for good, and that by shifting the resources of the $19 trillion private sector, we can address systemic issues at scale, including income inequality and lack of opportunity. Guided by the priorities of the public, their research, rankings, indexes, and data-driven tools help measure and improve corporate performance in the stakeholder economy. 

Since 2015, JUST Capital has surveyed more than 100,000 Americans on what they believe U.S. companies should prioritize when it comes to just business behavior. The results – which together comprise one of the most comprehensive bodies of public research ever compiled and utilized to measure companies – show that time and again, Americans want to see companies support all their stakeholders, starting with their workers, customers, communities, the environment, and finally, their shareholders. JUST Capital is the only independent nonprofit that tracks, analyzes, and engages with large corporations and their investors on how they perform on the public’s priorities. Their research, rankings, indexes, and data-driven tools empower all market participants to help build a more just economy. They are neutral and data-driven – an honest broker working to move the vision of stakeholder capitalism from rhetoric to reality.

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