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Langer Research Associates

After 20 years producing award-winning public opinion surveys for ABC News and its international media partners, Langer Research Associates was founded in August 2010 to offer its industry-leading research and data evaluation services to a broader clientele. Integrity in Research™ is our promise. Our custom research draws on our extensive experience producing more than 700 attitudinal surveys across a broad range of subjects. We emphasize appropriate methodology, optimal questionnaire design, high-level statistical modeling and data-driven analysis that peels back complexity to reveal clear, actionable conclusions. We know what to ask, how to ask it – and how to understand the answers.

Our related consulting services reflect a central but under-appreciated concept: Not all numbers are created equal. Research produced or analyzed by sub-optimal means can misinform as easily as inform. At ABC we created a groundbreaking survey standards and vetting operation to protect our knowledge base by separating valid and reliable data and analysis from their inferior counterparts. Today we use the same principles to steer clients through the crowded research marketplace. We assess both internal and external data to broaden understandings. And we evaluate survey modes, methods and questionnaire design to advise on validity, reliability and fitness for purpose of current and proposed research programs. In sum: We sweep the minefield.

Led by Gary Langer, ABC’s former longtime director of polling, Langer Research Associates continues to conduct ABC News polls as the network’s primary news poll provider, with responsibility for the ABC News/Washington Post poll and the network’s ongoing coverage of public opinion on politics, policy, social trends and international issues.

We produce the Bloomberg Consumer Comfort Index, a weekly survey of Americans’ economic attitudes, under an exclusive licensing agreement with Bloomberg Finance LP. And we’ve handled an array of local, national and international research projects, the latter in affiliation with D3 Systems Inc. of Vienna, Va.

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Charter Member of the American Association of Public Opinion Research’s Transparency Initiative.

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