Roper Center Membership is the most efficient way to assure access to all of the public opinion polls maintained at the Center. For an annual fee, Members have access to iPOLL, the database of all US questions and answers, along with any of the dataset files in the archives — US national or states and international surveys. With state-of-the-art finding aids, members quickly locate the most relevant data for their research and download the data in a matter of minutes.  Membership fees allow us to maintain the world’s largest archive of public opinion research results as well as keep historical records of polling methodologies that have been utilized over the years.  Please click here to learn more about our Data Curation process.

The Roper Center has several different levels of membership to accommodate researchers at academic institutions, corporations, non-profits and government agencies. Worldwide, there are more than 280 institutional members whose faculty, staff, and students are accessing datasets from hundreds of survey organizations from across the U.S. and around the globe.

Members access all of the data the Center has to offer using three key services:

Search US Questions


Search All Datasets

Online Analysis

Roper Explorer

Use RoperiPOLL to search U.S. questions & answers; trends from 1935-today; all major survey firms; demographics.

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Use RoperExpress to download datasets from the U.S. or 100 other countries to conduct statistical analysis and test relationships.

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 Use RoperExplorer to create crosstab tables with no programming. Available from RoperiPOLL and RoperExpress.

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