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Middle Eastern USIA Reports

Country Date Roper_id Name
Egypt 1952-01-01 R009 Climates of Opinion in Egypt
Egypt 1975-12-12 R359 VOA Audience Estimate for Egypt, 1975
Iran 1952-06-01 R275 IRP Report the Political Extremes in Iran
Iran 1957-06-29 R129 Iranian Attitudes and Reactions to the Atoms for Peace Exhibit
Iran 1957-10-29 R157 Media Habits in Iran Based on Responses of 451  Urban Middle Class Iranians
Iran 1957-12-29 R147 Cumulative Film Evaluation Project Pilot Study: Iran
Iran 1958-02-24 R173 USIS Library Visits in Iran
Iran 1958-03-03 R178 Radio Listening Habits in Iran- Based on the Responses of 420 Literate, Urban, Middle and Upper Class Respondents in Tehran and the Provinces
Iran 1958-05-23 R454 Survey on "Akhbar Hafte" (USIS Weekly News Magazine)
Iran 1958-11-20 R436 Survey on "Land and People" Magazine by United States Information Service, Tehran
Iran 1964-01-03 R696 Opinions of Tehran Literates on International Issues
Iran 1975-12-29 R363 VOA Audience Estimate for Iran,1975
Iran 1978-05-05 R374 The Iran-America Society (IAS) as Seen by ICA Audience Groups in Tehran: Final Report
Israel 1968-01-08 R297 Foreign Radio Listening in Israel
Israel 1975-12-16 R361 VOA Audience Estimate for Israel,1974
Jordan 1978-09-12 R385 Listening to International Radio Stations, Including VOA, and Perceptions and Interests of Radio Audiences in Urban Jordan
Kuwait 1975-06-16 R354 VOA-CAAP Audience Estimate for Kuwait, 1974
Lebanon 1951-07-01 R001 The Radio Audience of Lebanon
Lebanon 1958-06-01 R615 Arab Student Attitudes toward the US vs the USSR- Rept #3
Lebanon 1958-06-01 R645 A Note on Arab Student Attitudes toward Radio and Other Media
Lebanon 1960-08-01 R588 Summary Report of "News Review" (Al Akbar)
Lebanon 1975-09-30 R356 VOA Audience Estimate for Lebanon, 1974
Lebanon 1978-08-07 R378 Potential Audience Reach and Audience Interests in Beirut: A Research Review of 1975 Operations of the JFK Center with Implications for Future Program Development
Saudi Arabia 1976-04-23 R367 VOA Audience Estimate for Jidda and Dammam, Saudi Arabia, 1975
Turkey 1971 R199 Ufuk Readership Study: Turkey
Turkey 1973 R201 Advertising Channels and Publications Survey: Turkey
United Arab Republic 1966-06-01 R209 A Study of the Demographic Characteristics of Readers of Al-Hayat Fi Amerika- Vol I
United Arab Republic 1966-06-01 R210 A Study of the Demographic Characteristics of Readers of Al-Hayat Fi Amerika- Vol II