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NSF RAPID: Understanding increased social bias during the COVID-19 crisis in the United States

Funding from the National Science Foundation will support Peter Enns’ and Jonathon Schuldt’s research to examine COVID-19 and social bias in the U.S. 

Although numerous incidents of bias directed toward immigrants and people of Asian descent have been reported since the outbreak began, research is needed to understand the extent of this bias and the factors that produce it. This research addresses this need, by analyzing both existing as well as new survey data from nationally representative samples of Americans collected throughout much of 2020, as the crisis emerged and continues to evolve. Roper Center’s collection of COVID-19 is central to this work, and additional data from the project will be archived with Roper, including new Longstanding Methods surveys designed by the researchers and existing Recently Developed Methods surveys conducted by other organizations. This is a link to the NSF grant.