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Pulse Asia Research, Inc.

Pulse Asia Research, Inc. (PARI) is a SEC-registered non-stock, non-profit corporation that is primarily engaged in the conduct of quantitative and qualitative social science research. The staff of PARI has conducted numerous survey projects including cross-section surveys, nationwide exit polls, panel surveys, a rolling-type survey, and establishment surveys.

PARI is run by a core group of academics who are committed to social science research in general and survey research in particular. Their academic fellows are experts in their respective disciplines – demography, economics, political science, psychology, public administration, sociology, and statistics.

Pulse Asia Research, Inc. is now a Roper Center data provider.

PARI currently conducts the quarterly nationwide Ulat ng Bayan survey. The Ulat ng Bayan survey is a representative sample survey that elicits the views of the adult population on significant social, economic, and political concerns and developments. The Roper Center is proud to announce that PARI has become a Roper data provider. The following 2016 polls are now available to our users, and additions to our collection will be made over the coming months.

Dataset Collection

Date Ranges:

March 2015-Present