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Roper Center SFTP Web Transfer Client

Connecting to SFTP Site

  1. Browse to website
  2. Enter credentials
    1. Username
    2. Password
  3. Click on Sign In

Image of SFTP login page

Downloading Files

  1. Once connected, you are at the root level of your account. You should see all folders/files need to download here. You can download by selecting the checkboxes for the files needed. See below for example.

Image of download options

  1. Once selected, click on the download button and choose where you want to save the files locally.

Uploading Files

  1. To Upload files, click on the upload button and select the files locally that you need to upload to the server. **Note** File sizes are max at 4GB and a max of 10 files at a time. If needing to upload a larger file or multiples, please use the manual sftp instructions for your OS.

Image of Upload options