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State election

The Roper Center is making available to researchers its entire collection of state election day exit polls. This collection consists of numerous studies dating back to 1978 right up to the most recent polls conducted in 2010. Questionnaires and computer-readable datafiles are available for each study. Typically, state election day exit polls consist of congressional and/or gubernatorial vote questions in addition to questions on important statewide and local issues at the time of the polls. Like national polls, state Election Day exit polls include basic demographic variables in each study. Sample sizes usually range from 800-2000 respondents. Please email Data Services at for information concerning fees, other studies, or to answer any questions you may have.

National Election Pool (NEP) Exit Polls Data Files
Policy effective 1/1/2014

The NEP exit polls are restricted data sets, therefore, in addition to the Center’s standard Terms and Conditions have other limits associated with their use. Access to these data is a privilege, not a right, and will be provided only if the proposed research or teaching objectives and data protection plan are deemed to be adequate. Interested parties should complete and submit the Exit Poll Application. All applications are kept confidential. The data are to be destroyed at the completion of the research project or teaching assignment, and no backup copies of the data are to be made.