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Roper’s collection of over 350 Time Magazine polls spans from 1972 to the 2010s and captures public views on major news events over those four decades. Time collaborated with major polling organizations including Yankelovich Partners and Abt SRBI, Inc., as well as CNN. Time polls covered political issues and elections, ; international affairs, including U.S. actions in Iraq and U.S. relations with the Soviet Union/Russia; domestic policy issues, like affirmative action, gun ownership, and genetic engineering; and cultural issues, such as questions on Harry Potter, alternative medicine, the 2002 baseball strike, and sex and violence in entertainment. Time gauged the public’s personal responses to the headlines: If you were Terri Schiavo's guardian, would you remove her feeding tube or not? Do you think you would have voted to find the police officers in the Rodney King trial guilty or not guilty? Are you afraid to open a new savings and loan account or add money to an existing savings and loan account because of the problems savings and loan associations are having?

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