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Transcript of Video "How to Search in iPoll"

so now let's try a search

you can search the system by keywords

interview dates organizations

researchers pis topics

or countries the keyword

search will search the text of the

question it will

also search the response categories

this is particularly important for

open-ended questions

a question like what is the most


problem facing the country will be

brought back by a search

on the economy if economy is one of the

responses that that question received

from respondents

keywords also search the title at the

study level

and you'll see those studies that don't

have questions

in the question bank the key keyword

search will also search the abstracts on


the legacy archive number and the

current archive number

so it's a pretty powerful search

however topics also have advantages

topics can be used to ensure that you


all the results that you're looking for

in a particular area

for example if you put in keyword


you won't pull back questions about


but in topic immigration you will our

topic list is quite long

and can be viewed here

this page also gives you the definitions

of topics

using topics also allows you to use

boolean operators

so this can be a very effective search


if you put in for example health

and government

you will get questions about the role of

government at health care

and you won't get questions about for


if a respondent is a smoker

or whether people are

concerned about someone in their family

getting cancer

keywords however are probably where most

people start

so let's give this a shot so

i'm going to look for the word immigrant

and i'm going to also look for the word


because i would be interested in seeing

questions that use either of those terms

this search will also bring back normal

english variants of these words like


and if you want to get a specific term

you can put your

search in quotes and that will make sure

that it doesn't give those variations

so we get our questions that's a good

number of questions

we get our studies and we may decide

that we want to

narrow the results further on the left

hand side

there are a number of possible filters

the most used is probably the data set

filter if you click downloadable data

sets you will find

those studies that have data sets you

can download

you could also look at particular

formats of data sets

you can narrow by decades and it can be

very helpful to

cast your eye over the distribution

of questions by decade you can narrow

the interview dates

you can narrow the countries these

filters are always

narrowing your search not expanding it

so the filters work with an

and boolean that is to say if you click

both the united kingdom and germany

you're going to find only those studies

that were conducted in both the united


and germany

if you want to remove a filter i want to

see those us questions

i can click up here and take that filter


if i move down here i can narrow by


and again you can choose multiple topics

to really triangulate

the particular subject of questions

and again more topics are available up


if you want to go back to the questions

you can always hit

the question tab and review those


if you want to know more about searching

including information on special

characters archive numbers or

other search possibilities you can use

the how to search

button at the top to bring up all the



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