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Transcript of Video "Roper iPoll Sign On and Authentication"

in order to use

all of the resources available through

the roper center

you need to log in logging in is easy

if you go to the main page you can click

the register login button

or you can do a search

and you will get this page if you are

not logged in

this is a preview of results but it

gives you the option to click to log in

choose the member institution with which

you are affiliated

you can type or you can scroll

when you find your organization you will

be prompted to enter your email and


this is for your account on the new

roper ipoll

do not try a former account from the old


it will not work you need to register a

new account

and it has to be connected with your

current member

institution if you do not have an


click the register button

the domain name of your member

institution will be

displayed all you need to do is enter

the username

for your email at that organization

you will then receive this email

click confirm account and you'll be

taken to this page

where you can complete your registration

by choosing a password and agreeing to

terms and conditions

then you're all set you can log in and

start finding your data