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Transcript of Video "Using Folders in Roper iPoll"

users who want to take full advantage of

all the functionality

of the roper center will want to use

their folder

that means you do have to make an

individual account if you don't have one


and make sure that you're logged in for

information on that please see the

authentication video

so we're going to start with a search

i'm going to search for climate change

you can see we have results on both the


and the study level

there is a symbol folder shaped

to the right and if you click that the

question will be added to your folder

you can also select all of the

results on that page and add them all at


or remove them all at once

so let's choose a few of these

fill up our folder

note that the folder turns blue when the

question has been added

you can also add studies

i filtered by downloadable data sets

moved over here to the right and added


study this means that you can save

not only questions and studies that are

in the question bank but our large


of non-us polls and state level polls or

special population polls

that are only available at the study


can also be saved to your folder

now that you have stuff in your folder

you can go over to my folder and view it

and you see it has the same structure as

the rest of the website there's a

questions tab

and a studies tab to view a question

just click on it to close it up click it


if you would like to remove it you can

click the x

if you would like to open all of the


you can do that here if you'd like to

close all the questions you can do that


if you go over to the left you have the

option to download in multiple formats

all of the questions that are on this


and you can also remove them all at once

if you want to view the studies in your


just click over to that tab

and you can see the things we added are

there but we added just

three studies and there are five in


the remainder i had put in there the

last time i was using ipoll

folders in rubber ipoll are persistent

anything you put in your folder will

remain there until you take it out

even if you log out

clicking on view full study will bring

you back

to the full study record where you can

view questions

study information and download

associated files