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The Vanderbilt University Poll

In January 2011, the Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions (CSDI) launched the Vanderbilt Poll to provide a non-partisan and scientifically based reading of public opinion within the state of Tennessee and the city of Nashville. The Vanderbilt Poll conducts statewide surveys at least twice a year, prior to the start of the state legislative session and at its conclusion. In addition to the bi-annual state polls, we have and will continue to carry out pre- Presidential election polls as well as a new annual poll focusing exclusively on the Nashville area. Our focus in all our polls is to uncover what citizens think about important public policy issues and to make our findings available to citizens, policy-makers, and scholars.

More information can be found on the University website.

Vanderbilt University is now a Roper Center data provider.

The Roper Center is proud to announce that Vanderbilt’s important body of work is now available to our research community. The first datasets have been added to the collection and are listed below.

Dataset Collection

See all studies here