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1976 Presidential Election

Jimmy Carter
Jimmy Carter / Walter Mondale
Gerald Ford
Gerald Ford / Bob Dole
Voting Chart

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Direction of Country

How do you feel that things are going in the country these days–very well, fairly well, pretty badly, or very badly?


Sample: Registered voters

Direction of Country
Time/Yankelovich, Skelly & White Poll, [Oct 16-Oct 19, 1976]

Most Important Problem

What do you think is the most important problem facing this country today?

Percentage Problem
43% Inflation/High cost of living/High prices/Economic situation
33% Unemployment/Recession
7% International problems/Foreign aid/ Foreign affairs
7% Dissatisfaction with government/Poor national leadership/Govt not meeting peoples needs/Unresponsive govt.
5% Crime
4% Moral decline in society/Morality/ Lack of religion
3% Govt spending too much for social programs/Welfare

Note: Top responses shown only.

Gallup Poll (AIPO), [Oct 8-Oct 11, 1976]

State of the Economy

Thinking of economic conditions in the country as a whole, during the past 12 months do you expect the country will have good times financially, or bad times, or what?

State of the Economy
Gallup Economic Service Poll, [Nov 1-Nov 1, 1976]

Personal Financial Situation

We are interested in how people’s financial situations may have changed. Would you say that you are financially better off now than you were a year ago, or are you financially worse off?

Personal Financial Situation
Gallup Economic Service Poll, [Nov 1-Nov 1, 1976]