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Presidential Elections

These pages provide essential data for understanding U.S. presidential elections from 1976-2012, including popular vote, vote by demographic group, approval ratings of incumbents, and key polling indicators of the public’s attitudes at the time of the election, such as the most important problem facing the country and ratings of the state of the economy.

Clinton and Trump electoral and popular votes

How Groups Voted

These tables show presidential vote in elections from 1976-2016 by sex, race, age, income, party, region, and other key demographic variables.

Popular Votes

This table provides popular vote totals and percentages, as well as electoral vote, for U.S. presidential elections from 1940-2012.

Exit Polls

Exit polls are conducted on samples of voters as they leave the polling place. These polls, which generally have large samples, ask about vote, significant issues in the particular election, and voter demographics. The datasets provide a rich source of information on voter attitudes. Certain access restrictions apply. Learn more about U.S. exit poll datasets available from the Roper Center:

National Exit Polls

National exit polls consist of presidential and/or congressional vote questions in addition to questions on gubernatorial races, important issues affecting the vote decision, presidential approval and a number of current national issues.

State Exit Polls

Typically, state election day exit polls consist of congressional and/or gubernatorial vote questions in addition to questions on important statewide and local issues at the time of the polls. Like national polls, state Election Day exit polls include basic demographic variables in each study.

Primary Exit Polls

Primary exit polls datasets include standard demographic makeup of interviewee and questions pertinent to the issues of each state.

Discover More Election Data

iPOLL offers over 80,000 questions on elections and voting, while over 7,000 datasets in RoperExpress provide the opportunity provide the opportunity for in-depth analysis of vote preference, voter participation, and more.

2016 Presidential Vote Questions

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Congressional Elections, 1938-present

Congressional elections

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