Jimmy Carter
Jimmy Carter /
Walter Mondale
Carter: popular vote 35,481,000, electoral vote 49; Reagan: popular vote 43,643,000, electoral vote 489; Anderson: popular vote 5,719,000
Republican candidate Ronald Reagan
Ronald Reagan /
George H.W. Bush

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Direction of Country

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How do you feel that things are going in the country these days–very well, fairly well, pretty badly or very badly?
Sample: Registered voters
Time/Yankelovich, Skelly & White Poll, [Oct 14-Oct 16, 1980]

Most Important Problem

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What do you think is the most important problem facing this country today?
31 Inflation Prices
9 USSR (Soviet Union/Russia)/War and Peace
8 Unemployment Recession
4 Government Carter
Note: Probable electorate Top responses shown only.
CBS News/New York Times Poll, [Oct 16-Oct 20, 1980]

State of the Economy

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How would you rate the present general business conditions in your area?
Consumer Confidence Survey, [Nov 1-Nov 1, 1980]

Personal Financial Situation

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During the last few years, has your financial situation been getting better, getting worse, or has it stayed the same?
Note: Asked of Version 1 half sample
General Electric Survey, [Oct 31-Nov 18, 1980]

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