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U.S. State Collection

The Roper Center at Cornell University is proud to announce a new initiative to make questions from U.S. state-level polls available in the Roper iPoll database.  

In response to the American Association for Public Opinion Research’s call for the polling community to invest more resources in studying and improving U.S. state polling, the Roper Center has created the U.S. State Collection to aid this research by making thousands of questions easily accessible and by including detailed methodological information, such as exact question wording, sample size, and survey method.

View a short video on the collection here on YouTube.

The new question database includes state polls from major national polling organizations and some of the oldest and most respected state-level polling series. The U.S. State Collection currently includes several thousand questions from polls of recent years and is growing daily as questions are added from both newly released state polls and Roper’s historical dataset collection. The historical dataset collection holds over 4,000 U.S. state polling datasets dating back to 1940, including Archibald Crossley’s seminal 1944 election polls, Joe Belden’s Texas Poll, Mervyn Field’s California Poll, the Iowa Poll, the Los Angeles Times Poll, and state exit polls back to 1978. The collection will ultimately contain more than 100,000 questions.

The new U.S. State Collection includes polls from both the Longstanding Methods Collection and the Recently Developed Methods Collection to better support essential research into survey methodology at the state level. A partial list of organizations to be represented in the State of the U.S. States Collection includes:

OrganizationOrgs cont.
ABC NewsMinnesota Star Tribune
AP VotecastMonmouth University
CBS NewsNational Election Pool/Edison Research
Eagleton (Rutgers)Quinnipiac University
Fairleigh Dickinson UniversitySiena College
GallupSuffolk University
Glengariff GroupStockton University
Harvard Opinion Research ProgramThe Upshot
Kaiser Family FoundationUniversity of Maryland
Marquette Law PollUSA Today
Marist CollegeVanderbilt University Poll
MassIncThe Wason Center
Middle Tennessee State UniversityWashington Post

Roper Center invites all polling organizations conducting polls at the state level to submit their data to the State Collection. Contact

Using the search homepage in Roper iPoll, users can select which states and/or the District of Columbia they would like to include in their search (be sure to click “Additional Search Filters”).

state data

 For further information on this collection please contact Data Services.

Also included in this collection are a large number of state-level surveys still in paper formats. Highlights include polls on anti-semitism in rural Iowa and Nebraska, gambling in Connecticut, and a 1993 study of racial views in North Carolina. Contact Data Services if you are interested in learning more about the surveys in the table below.

Box State Date Description
1 Alabama 1980-2008: Alabama State Data Center
Capstone Poll: 1980-87
Hastings-Wyman's Southern Political Report (mostly 1990s-2008)
2 Alaska 1978-2011 Education Choice, AK Permanent Fund, Cold War, medical marijuana, elections
3 Arizona 1978-2004 Title: ABC News-Behavorial Research Center: 1987
Mostly Rocky Mountain Polls 1978-1990
4 Arizona 1990-1998 Title: Behavioral Research Center: 1991-1998
Mostly Rocky Mountain Polls 1991-1998
5 Arizona 1999-2001 Title: Behavioral Research Center: 1999-2001
Mostly Rocky Mountain Polls 1999-2001
6 Arizona 2001-2003 Title: Behavioral Research Center: 2001-2003
Mostly Rocky Mountain Polls 2001-2003
7 Arizona 2003-2006 Title: Behavioral Research Center: 2003-2006
Mostly Rocky Mountain Polls 2003-2006
8 Arizona 2007-2012 Title: Behavioral Research Center: 2007-present
Mostly Rocky Mountain Polls 2007-2012
9 Arizona 1990-2012 Title: CNN-Zogby International
Assorted polls: political, economic, race, et al
10 Arkansas 1980-2009 Title: Arkansas Journal-Zogby
Assorted; many from Southern Political Report,
most from 2000s
11 California 1979-2012 Title: ABC News-E; CA Opinion Index (1979-2004)
Recall Election 2003
12 California 1960-1968 Title: Field Institute, 10/3/60-10/31/68
The CA Poll (Yale U.)/Field Research Company
13 California 1969-1074 Title: Field Institute, 2/5/69-11/19/74
The CA Poll (Yale U.)/Field Research Company
14 California 1974-1977 Title: Field Institute, 12/7/74-11/15/77
The CA Poll (Yale U.)/Field Research Company
Special studies (1977): economic growth,
environment, energy
15 California 1978 Title: CA Field Institute, 1978
Mostly the CA Poll
16 California 1979-1980 Title: CA Field Institute, 1979-1980
Mostly the CA Poll
17 California 1981-1984 Title: CA Field Institute, 1981-1984
All CA Poll
18 California 1985-1986 Title: CA Field Institute, 1985-1986
Mostly the CA Poll
CA general election poll (1986)
19 California 1987-1990 Title: Field Institute, 1987-1990
All CA Poll
20 California 1991-1993 Title: Field Institute, 1991-1993
All CA Poll
21 California 1994-1996 Title: Field Institute, 1994-1996
Field Poll & CA Poll
22 California 1997-2001 Title: Field Institute, 1997-2001
Field Poll & CA Poll
23 California 2001-2004 Title: Field Institute, 2001-May 2004
Field Poll December 2001-May 2004
24 California 2004-2006 Title: Field Institute, July 2004-September 2006
Assorted Field Polls/Research
25 California 2006-2009 Title: Field Institute, October 2006-2009
Assorted Field Polls/Research
26 California 2010-2012 Title: Field Institute, 2010-July 2012
Assorted Field Polls/Research
27 California 2012-2013 Title: Field Institute, 2012-present (February 2013)
Assorted Field Polls/Research
28 California 1991-2001 Title: Gallup-Kaiser Family Foundation
Assorted polls
29 California 1981-2005 Title: Kaplan-Lieberman Research Worldwide
Assorted polls
30 California 1982-1985 Title: LA Times, 1982-1985
LA Times polls
31 California 1986-1997 Title: LA Times, 1986-1997
LA Times polls
32 California 1997-2003 Title: LA Times, 1997-2003
LA Times polls
33 California 2004-2008 Title: LA Times, 2004-present
LA Times polls
34 California 1978-2010 Title: ORC-Zogby International
Assorted polls: mostly 1990s-2010
35 Colorado 1987-2012 Title: Ciruli Association-Zogby International
Assorted--mostly elections/politics
36 Connecticut 1977-2006 Title: ABC News-Connecticut Business &
Industry Association
Assorted polls; large study on gambling 1977
37 Connecticut 1979-1981 Title: Connecticut Poll/ISI, 1979-1981
Includes a lot of SSDC at UConn
38 Connecticut 1982-1984 Title: ConnPoll/ISI 1982
39 Connecticut 1983-1986 Title: ConnPoll/ISI 1983-1985
40 Connecticut 1987-1988 Title: ConnPoll/ISI 1987-1988
41 Connecticut 1989 Title: ConnPoll/ISI 1989
42 Connecticut 1990-1992 Title: ConnPoll/ISI 1990
43 Connecticut 1992-1994 Title: ConnPoll/ISI 1992-1994
44 Connecticut 1995-1997 Title: ConnPoll/ISI 1995-1997
45 Connecticut 1998-2002 Title: ConnPoll/ISI 1995-1998
46 Connecticut 2000-2008 Title: Council for Survey Research
& Analysis (CSRA)
47 Connecticut 1984-2010 Title: Gallup-Quinnipiac 2002
Assorted topics
48 Connecticut 2003-2010 Title: Quinnipiac 2003-July 2010
Assorted topics
49 Connecticut 1985-2013 Title: Quinnipiac-Zogby
Quinnipiac mostly 2010-2013
Zogby 1999-2006; Report on Education (1985)
50 Delaware 1981-2010 Title: ABC News-SPINA/Delaware State University
Mostly 1999-2010; includes 1985 report on
"Mood of the Public" in DE by Professor Spina
51 DC 1996-2012 Various topics, includes many articles from the
Washington Post
52 Florida 1985-2012 Title: CBS/NYT-Florida State Univ. 1985
Includes 1986 General Election Poll and
many copies of Florida Public Opinion (1985-87)
53 Florida 1986-2004 Title: FSU-Gallup Organization 1986
Gallup mostly 2003-04; half of box contains
Florida Annual Policy Surveys (1986-94)
54 Florida 1982-2012 Title: Greenberg Quinlan Rosner-NY Times
Assorted polls, clippings, reports
55 Florida 1978-2012 Title: ORC-Zogby International
Mostly 1995-2012; includes clippings (& entire
editions) of St. Petersburg Times (1978-79)
56 Georgia 1985-2007 Title: Atlanta Journal-Rasmussen Research
57 Georgia 1984-2008 Title: Univ. of Georgia-Zogby International
Assorted polls
58 Hawaii 1999-2011 Title: Kaiser-Woelfel Research
59 Idaho 1997-2011 Title: Mellman-Univ. of Wyoming
60 Illinois 1980-2006 Title: AARP-McLaughlin & Associates
Half of box contains 1986 General Election Poll
61 Illinois 1984-2010 Title: Northern Illinois Univ.-Zogby International
Half of box contains Illinois Policy Surveys (1984-93)
62 Indiana 1985-2010 Title: ABC-Zogby International
63 Iowa 1977-2011 Title: ABC News-Des Moines Register &
Tribune Co. 1977; Half of box contains
Iowa Poll Releases (1977-84)
64 Iowa 1982-1997 Title: Des Moines Register & Tribune Co. 1982
Iowa Poll Annual Reports (plastic comb bindings)
65 Iowa 1985-2012 Title: Des Moines Register & Tribune Co. 1985-
Mason-Dixon Poll; half of box contains Iowa Poll Releases (1985-94);
also includes study of anti-semitism in rural Iowa and Nebraska (1986)
66 Iowa 1986-2011 Title: NBC News-Zogby International
A third of box contains 1986 General Election Poll
67 Kansas 1980-1999 Title: Rasmussen-Wallace Farmer Opinion Polls
2 folders-mostly Wallace Farmer Polls (1980-83)
68 Kentucky 1993-2006 Title: Hastings-Zogby International
Mostly Southern Political Reports
69 Louisiana 1991-2012 Title: ABC News-Hastings Wyman's
Mostly Hastings Wyman's Southern Political Reports
Some ABC & CBS
70 Louisiana 1976-2012 Title: ICR-Zogby
A good bit of University of New Orleans Polls
71 Maine 1990-2009 Title: Human Services Development Institute-
Zogby International
72 Maryland 1978-2013 Title: Baltimore Sun-Zogby International
Includes large folder with Baltimore Sun clippings
73 Massachusetts 1987-2012 Title: Boston Globe-KRC Communications Research
74 Massachusetts 1979-2012 Title: New England Institute for Political Research-Zogby
75 Michigan 1980-2012 Title: AARP-Epic/MRA 2005; Mostly reports
76 Michigan 1986-2012 Title: Epic/MRA 2006-Zogby
Includes 1986 general election poll
77 Minnesota 1947-2006 Title: Fabrizio, McLaughlin, & Associates, Inc.-
Minnesota Poll 1947; post-WWII clippings
78 Minnesota 1981-1987 Title: Minnesota Poll Poll 1981-1997
79 Minnesota 1997-2009 Title: Minnesota Poll Poll 1997-Zogby
80 Mississippi 1981-2012 Title: Edison Media Research-Rasmussen Research
mostly late 1990s-2012; 1981 poll
of political attitudes in Mississippi
81 Missouri 1967-2006 Title: ABC News-Zogby International
includes 1977 poll that shows Missouri support for
nuclear energy; 1967 Missouri Poll
82 Montana 1989-2011 Title: ABC News-Zogby  
83 Nebraska 1986-2011 Title: ABC-Rasmussen Research
84 Nevada 1988-2012 Title: AARP-Zogby; Mostly 1999-2012
85 New Hampshire 1988-2005 Title: AARP-Franklin Pierce College/WNDS Poll
86 New Hampshire 1988-2012 Title: Gallup Organization-Suffolk University
Many primary polls
87 New Hampshire 1987-2012 Title: Time-Zogby
88 New Jersey 1977-2009 Title: ABC News-Eagleton/Star Ledger 1977-1984
89 New Jersey 1985-1993 Title: Eagleton/Star Ledger 1985-1993
poll releases
90 New Jersey 1988-1995 Title: Eagleton/Star Ledger 1988-1995
polls & questionnaires
91 New Jersey 1996-2000 Title: Eagleton/Star Ledger 1996-2000
polls & reports
92 New Jersey 2001-2012 Title: Eagleton/Star Ledger 2001-2004
includes 2012 folder on "Superstorm Sandy"
93 New Jersey 2001-2009 Title: Gallup-Monmouth University Polling Institute 2008
94 New Jersey 2009-2013 Title: Gallup-Monmouth University Polling
Institute 2009-2013
95 New Jersey 1985-2006 New York Times-Zogby International
96 New Mexico  &
New York
1980-2012 1988-2012 Title: New York AARP-CBS News
mostly New York material (90%)
97 New York 1980-2010 Title: City Exit-Ipsos
Includes polls on healthcare (1985) &
teen pregnancy (1988)
98 New York 1988-1999 Title: LA Times-Marist 1999; mostly Marist Polls
99 New York 2002-2009 Title: Marist College 2000-October 2009
All Marist Institute for Public Opinion
100 New York 2009-2011 Title: Marist College November 2009-July 2011
All Marist Institute for Public Opinion
101 New York 2011-2013 Title: Marist College September 2011-present
All Marist Institute for Public Opinion
102 New York 1998-2010 Title: Miscellaneous-ORC
Includes large folder of 1990 NY Observer poll
103 New York 1992-2012 Title: Pace Poll Survey-Roper
includes large folder with 1994 Quinnipiac poll on
governor's race & folder with "study of Intergroup Relations in NYC" done by Roper for American
Jewish Committee
104 New York 1979-2010 Title: Stony Brook University-Zogby
includes 1979 study on attitudes about legal gambling
large folder of 1986 General Election Poll
105 North Carolina 1990-2008 Title: AARP-Hastings Wyman's
includes folder with many clippings from the
 Charlotte Observer
106 North Carolina 1993-2012 Title: Howard, Merrel, & Partners-Zogby
Includes 1993 study of racial views in North Carolina
107 North Dakota 1979-2009 No Title: includes 1979 NORC publication "Dakota
Farmers & Ranchers Evaluate Crop & Livestock Surveys
108 Ohio 1980-2012 Title: AARP-Quninnipiac
Columbus Dispatch Poll 1980-1985
109 Ohio 1981-2000 Title: Rasmussen-University of Cincinnati 1996
1979 study on public attitudes about
reproductive freedom by Planned Parenthood
110 Ohio 1997-2006 Title: University of Cincinnati 1997-Zogby
111 Oklahoma 1980-2012 Title: Oklahoma Poll 1980-1989
112 Oregon 1980-2008 No Title:GMA Polls from early 1980s
113 Pennsylvania 1988-2010 Title: ABC-PSRAI; Includes 1988 study of public attitudes on teen pregnancy
114 Pennsylvania 1986-2012 Title: Quinnipiac University Poll-Zogby International
Poll; Includes 1986 General Election Poll
115 Rhode Island 1986-2003 Title: ABC News-Brown University
Large folder of Alpha Research Associates Poll releases
116 Rhode Island 1977-2006 Title: Crossley Surveys-Tortorello Research
Includes collective bargaining study 1977-78
117 South Carolina 1988-2008 Title: ABC News-Hastings Wyman's
Southern Political Reports
118 South Carolina 1980-2012 Title: ICR-Zogby International
1980 study of public attitudes on government, taxes,
& quality of community services
119 South Dakota 1988-2012 No Title: 1988 ABC S. Dakota Primary Poll
120 Tennessee 2002-2013 No Title: Assorted polls
121 Texas 1986-2013 Title: CBS-General Election Poll 1986
122 Texas 1982-2013 Title: Hastings Wyman's Southern Political Report-
Sam Houston State University
123 Texas 1972-2011 Title: The Texas Poll-Zogby International
ALRge quantity from 1980s/early 1990s;
several documents from Texas A & M's "Public Policy
Resources Laboratory," including Belden Texas Poll
Continuity Guide, 1954-1972 
124 Texas 1940-1950 Title: Texas Surveys of Public Opinion 1940-1950
125 Texas 1951-1966 Title: Texas Surveys of Public Opinion 1951-1966
126 Texas 1967-1977 Title: Texas Surveys of Public Opinion 1967-1977
127 Utah 1981-2011 No Title: Clippings from early 80s (various topics)
128 Vermont 1988-2012 No Title: ABC 1988 Vermont Primary Poll
129 Virginia 2004-2012 Title: ABC News-Hasting Wyman's Southern
Political Report
130 Virginia 1979-2012 Title: Marist-Zogby; substantial 1979 Virginia
Poll by North American Marketing
131 Washington 1987-2012 No Title: includes 1995 "Elway Poll"
toplines (several throughout 1995)
132 West Virginia 1982-2010 No Title: Various WV Polls from early 1980s
133 Multi-State 1988-2012 Title: Ipsos-LA Times; 1988 "Super Tuesday"
poll of southern states
134 Multi-State 1981-2012 Title: Marist-ORC; includes 1988 NBC
primary poll (various states)
135 Wisconsin 1975-2012 No Title: includes polls from 1975-1980s by
Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel on various topics
also, various "Wisconsin Survey Reports"
by St. Norber College (1987-1989)
136 Wyoming 1978-2009 No Title: Includes "1978 Election Year Survey"
by University of Wyoming
137 Multi-State 1988-2012 Title: ABC News-Darden Research Corporation,
includes 1988 ABC & CBS exit polls/primaries
138 Multi-State 2000-2008 Title: Edison/Mitofsky-Fox News; mostly 2006
"America Votes" exit polls by Edison/Mitofsky
139 Multi-State 1995-2003 Title: Hasting Wyman's Southern Political Report
140 Multi-State 2004-2009 Title: Hasting Wyman's Southern Political Report
141 Multi-State 1986-2012 Title: Pew-Tufts; Includes 1986 elections for
governor & senate for each state
142 Multi-State 1990-2009 Title: University of Illinois-Zogby