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President Lyndon B. Johnson signs Medicare Bill

Public Opinion and the Passage of the Medicare Bill

The early days of public opinion research captured Americans' response to the first major efforts by the U.S. government to provide health care to its citizens, an undertaking that saw success in the passage of Medicare in 1965.
white house

Presidential Transition in the Polls

The weeks between election and inauguration usually represent a honeymoon period in which the president-elect's decisions are given good reviews by the American people. But this year is different. The first polls on Trump's transition have appeared, and so far, public opinion is decidedly negative.
burning ships at pearl harbor

Polling and Pearl Harbor

The attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 shocked the U.S. and sent the country into war. At the time, public opinion polling was in its infancy, and early polling organizations, including Roper, Gallup, and NORC, moved quickly to field questions about the public's response.
Political buttons 2016 election

2016 Election Recap

Did you know the first iPOLL question about the 2016 election appeared in 2013? It's been a long road.

Vote Fraud

Donald Trump has claimed that illegal voting – including voting by non-citizens or people voting under assumed identities – was responsible for Hillary Clinton's popular vote win. Does the American public believe in large-scale vote fraud?

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Elmo Roper’s 1968 Interview

On August 14, 1968, Elmo Roper was interviewed by Bob Carlson, director of public opinion research for Standard Oil Company, as part of an intended series of AAPOR/Roper Center interviews with leading figures in polling. Over the course of nearly two hours, Roper spoke candidly about the origins of market and public opinion research, his work for Fortune magazine, the war years, the 1948 election fiasco, and much more. Rich with insight and anecdote, this ...

Celebrating the Roper Center’s 70th Anniversary

In 2017, the Roper Center is proud to celebrate 70 years as the world's foremost archive of public opinion data. Since its founding in 1947, the Center has worked to collect, preserve and disseminate data that reflects the opinions of people around the world, on topics ranging from government policy to popular culture. We invite you to learn more about the Center's past and future here. This year we also celebrate another significant milestone: In 2017 the number of individual ...

From the Archive

Foreign Policy Data: American Public Opinion and US Foreign Policy

The Chicago Council Survey is a trusted and widely cited source of longitudinal data on American public opinion about a broad range of US foreign policy and international issues. Roper Center is proud to announce a new dataset: The Chicago Council on Global Affairs 2016 Biannual Survey. This survey of 2061 adults was conducted June 10-26, 2016 by the GfK Group (GfK, formerly Knowledge Networks). The study examines American’s attitudes toward and perceptions of a range of U.S. foreign policy issues, including military presence, alliances with other countries, international agreements, and foreign policy goals. Earlier public opinion polls from the ...
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New Data Provider: Centro de Estudios Públicos (CEP)

Roper Center is proud to announce that Centro de Estudios Públicos (Center of Public Studies) – CEP, a leading public opinion research organization in Chile, is now a data provider. New datasets from CEP’s National Public Opinion Survey have already been added to Roper’s collection of CEP surveys from the 1980s and 1990s, and more polls will be available soon ...
Foreign Policy versus economy as most important problem, over time

Most Important Problem Dataset

Public opinion researchers depend on certain questions as essential public opinion barometers, like presidential job approval or Bud Roper’s right-direction/wrong-track measure. Perhaps no other question is as often used to determine what is foremost in the minds of the public than the open-ended “What do you think is the most important problem facing this country today?” Respondents offer their concerns in their own words, unaffected by potential bias introduced by limited lists of answers ...
Approval of Chief Executive by Education

New Data Provider: Public Opinion Programme at the University of Hong Kong (HKU POP )

The Public Opinion Programme at the University of Hong Kong (HKU POP) is now a Roper Center data provider ...
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Immigration Data: America’s Views of Immigration in 2015

Examine America’s views on immigration in recent public opinion polls from ABC News/Washington Post, CBS News, and CNN/ORC ...