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Vietnam War

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A Hero’s Welcome: The American Public and Attitudes Toward Veterans

Americans have long been united in the belief that former soldiers deserve respect and honor. But the question of what exactly the government owes its veterans – and whether it is fulfilling those obligations – has been more controversial.

Going Too Far: The American Public’s Attitudes toward Protest Movements

The photographs out of Ferguson are new, but the scene is all too familiar: signs, bullhorns, protesters, police. The ongoing demonstrations in Missouri are only the most recent in a long history of American protests.

America’s Wars of the 20th Century

Public Perspective, August/September 1997. Was our intervention a mistake? Different conflicts, different results, different verdicts. Read more ...

Related Data

Attitudes Toward Vietnam Era Veterans

The Attitudes Toward Vietnam Era Veterans Survey, conducted by Louis Harris and Associates for the Veterans Administration from November 17 – December 19, 1979

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Americans’ Preferred Plan for Vietnam