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Role of Government

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Using Historical Survey Data on Military Base Closures to Understand Public Support for Prison Closures

As a consequence of the prison boom that nearly tripled the number of prisons in the U.S. between 1970-2006, many states have begun paring down their prison surplus. New York State, one of the most prolific prison builders during the prison boom, has closed 19 prisons in the last 10 years. North Carolina, another state with a proclivity for prison building shut down 13 prisons in the same time frame. Many other states are following suit.

The government's role in health care

A Brief History of Public Opinion on the Government Role in Health Care

Public opinion polls reveal that from the late 20th through the early 21st century, the federal government’s role in providing health care services has been a highly salient and contentious issue.

Americans Have Adjusted Views on Government’s Role

Public Perspective, February/March 1998. An Interview with Richard B. Wirthlin. How much have we changed our minds (if we have) ...

How Much Government

Public Perspective, April/May 1995. Would you say you favor smaller government with fewer services or larger government with many services? ...

Related Data

2010 Role of Government Survey

In the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation/Harvard/Washington Post Role of Government poll, Americans share their opinions about the appropriate duties and functions of the government.

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Private business taking on govt responsibilities