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Public funds, private education

Public Funds, Private Education: What the Polls Say

Government aid to private schools, vouchers, private educational contractors - the lines between public and private in the world of education are ever-shifting. Policies that push these boundaries are often challenged in both the legal system and the court of public opinion. A look back at how Americans have seen the relationship between the public schools and private education:

Pay It Back: The Public and the Student Loan System

Among the Americans struggling most in the current economy are recent college grads carrying significant educational debt. As millennials navigate lowered employment prospects with larger student loans than young people of earlier decades, the U.S. system for funding higher education has come under scrutiny. What does the public think about how the country pays for college? From the Roper Center Archives:

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Special Education in Public Schools

This one-of-a-kind Public Agenda Foundation poll asks about the unique concerns and experiences that parents of special needs children have, especially regarding special education.

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Should “dangerous” books be banned?

Should “dangerous” books be banned?